Lesson Plans Oct. 2-8


8th Grade Reading 7th Grade Reading 8th Grade Math 7th Grade Math
  • SSR
  • Read and discuss Tangerine:  “Wednesday, September 27-”Wednesday, October 3”
  • Sight Words
  • Review Elements of Fiction
  • Solving Equations with Variables on Each Side
  • Chapter 2 Lesson 5 Graph Proportional Relationships
  • SSR
  • PreTest over 6A;  “Sylvia Tree Dancer”
  • Sight Words
  • Test Elements of Fiction
  • Continue Solving Equations with Variables on Each Side.
  • Chapter 2 Lesson 6 Solve Proportional Relationships
  • SSR
  • Read silently–Tangerine:  “Tuesday, October 3”-”Thursday, October 5”
  • Question:  What do we learn from the flashback in today’s reading? (Go beyond the text
  • Sight Words
  • Novel Study: Freak the Mighty ~ Take notes as we read for each page.
  • Early Release
  • Make up Work Day
  • Early Release
  • Make Up Work Day
  • SSR
  • Read and Discuss in Tangerine:  “Thursday, Nov. 2” -” Sunday, Nov. 5”
  • Sight Words
  • Continue reading Freak the Mighty and taking notes
  • Using the  Distributive property and solving with variables
  • Ch 2 L. 9 Constant of Proportionality
  • SSR
  • Quiz over Tangerine
  • Sight Words
  • Continue Reading Freak the Mighty and Taking Notes
  • Continue using the distributive property and solving with variables on both sides.
  • Chapter 2 Test Review

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